Shoppers face £4 a day for parking

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PARKING charges are to go up in some car parks in Chichester after a council vote.

Drivers will have to pay £4 a day under the new charging scheme.

Under the plans, which Chichester District Council wants to introduce in April next year, the cost for staying more than five hours in Basin Road, Northgate, Cattle Market and Avenue de Chartres will rise from £3.50 to £4.

An hour’s stay will rise from 60p to 70p.

Chichester councillor Pam Dignum said the rise was not considered excessive and extra money was needed to pay for services.

She said: ‘It compares very favourably with other cities. Raising charges from £3.50 a day to £4 is not a worrying concern.’

Meanwhile, more than 400 people have signed a petition in just a week to fight the decision to introduce car parking charges on Sundays in Chichester.

The council has said it would cost £1 for four hours and £2 for more than four hours for the vast majority of car parking spaces in the city.