Should speed bumps be scrapped in Leigh Park?

Speed bumps
Speed bumps
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SPEED humps should be removed from an estate’s roads.

That’s the view of John Perry, the election candidate for Ukip for Havant constituency, which includes Leigh Park.

The humps have been a feature of Leigh Park for many years as Hampshire County Council aims to improve safety and stop speeding.

But Mr Perry said the humps damage cars and leave the highway in a terrible pothole-ridden state in roads like Dunsbury Way.

He told The News: ‘My personal opinion and the feedback I have had is that it’s damaging people’s cars.

‘I think they should go.

‘But I’m concerned about speeding.

‘We would want to ensure that speeding does not return as a result of the speed humps going.’

Mr Perry said he would want to consult road safety experts on better ways of managing the speed of cars on the estate, including installing irregular kerbs.

He added: ‘I feel the roads in Leigh Park are in a far worse state than the rest of the borough and that’s unfair.

‘If we are going to maintain roads in the borough, let’s maintain them to an equal standard.’

His rivals did not agree with removing speed humps altogether.

Conservative candidate Alan Mak said: ‘There aren’t many speed bumps in Leigh Park, and the ones that exist have been requested by residents to keep everyone safe, especially children and older people. Residents’ safety must be our top priority.’

Lib Dem candidate Steve Sollitt said: ‘Speed humps are put in place after consultation and a lot of investigation by Hampshire County Council.

‘They have been put in place for a good reason in the first place and should not be taken away.

‘They aid traffic and pedestrian safety and ensure speeding does not occur through housing estates.’

Green Party candidate Tim Dawes said removing the humps would put children’s lives at risk.

But he said: ‘Our policy would be to have 20mph limits across Leigh Park.

‘We would like to see more sensitive and better traffic calming measures.’

Labour’s candidate Graham Giles said a broader approach – looking at reducing speed and increasing cycling – was needed and speed humps were not in the remit of a parliamentary MP.

He said: ‘We have four very good councillors in Leigh Park and I would want to consult them.’