Single yellow lines ‘will stop problem parking in road’

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MORE restrictions are set to be introduced to stop problems with parking.

Winchester City Council approved plans to introduce single yellow lines on Leafy Lane, in Whiteley.

The residential road links Parkway to Whiteley Lane and the road is used as an alternative route to the M27, at junction 9.

But, with the introduction of the business park, more cars have been parking outside houses, leaving little or no spaces for residents.

To deal with these problems, the council approved plans for single yellow lines to be installed.

These will replace the single white lines which were on the road originally.

During a council meeting, cars parking down Leafy Lane were blamed for causing the road to be congested.

The new yellow lines will stop people parking along Leafy Lane from Monday to Friday, between 8am and 6pm.

Mike Evans, chairman of Whiteley Parish Council, said it was happy that the lines will be introduced.

He said: ‘We put the plans in our strategy because we thought they would help the area.

‘People would use Leafy Lane to park in and it was causing a lot of problems.

‘Two cars couldn’t get through at the same time. So we are happy that the council approved these plans.’

Near the Parkway junction, Leafy Lane has double yellow lines but Mike Evans said these weren’t solving the problem.

‘We didn’t agree with the double yellow lines because they only moved the problem,’ he added.

‘But I think they have done the right thing by introducing the single lines.’

Other options were considered by Winchester City Council to fix the parking problems including widening the pavements.

But, Corrine Philips, traffic engineer, said widening the road would be costly, and problematic due to ownership of land.

A group of residents wrote to the council to oppose the plans.

One resident, who didn’t want to be named, said: ‘If parking infringements were dealt with properly and cars made to park responsibly then there wouldn’t be a problem.

‘As these people clearly have nowhere else to park, I’m not really sure what these restrictions are hoping to achieve, other than to speed up the traffic along Leafy Lane.’