Smaller planning body to cover East Hampshire area

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A SINGLE planning committee will now cover the entire East Hampshire district following a shake-up.

For many years planning decisions have been made by two separate committees, one for the north and one for the south, including the villages south of Butser Hill.

However, councillors have now voted to have a committee of 12 covering the whole district.

Leaders say the new system will encourage greater consistency of decision-making, allow greater contribution from ward councillors and be a more efficient use of staff time.

Cllr Ken Moon, who represents Clanfield and oversees planning, said: ‘The move to a single planning committee consisting of 12 comprehensively-trained councillors will result in a more efficient and effective planning committee meeting.

‘It will ensure consistent and quality decision-making across the district, including our area of the South Downs National Park. This smaller planning committee will be more dynamic.’