Somers Town community hub ‘Can of worms’ statement removed from website

Fly-tipping in Harold Road. Picture: Andrew Pearce

‘Disgusting’ fly-tipping is putting lives at risk, says Southsea trader

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STATEMENTS from a construction consultant which appeared to refer to a ‘can of worms’ involving the proposed Somers Town community hub have been removed from Portsmouth City Council’s website.

Building advisory firm AKS Ward, based in Southampton, had been asked to compile a report on the £12m hub, which will be built over Winston Churchill Way, for design company BAM.

In the report Transport Impacts of Site Construction a section said: ‘The development spans over an existing...’, before a four-line gap.

‘That was followed by ‘Ian, should we include this chapter? It seems to me that we would be opening a can of worms.’

‘Ian’ is Ian Woolgar, a technical director at AKS.

Somers Town resident Pat Stoddart said: ‘I want it built, but how can it go ahead when it seems there’s information hidden from residents?’

David Perkins, director of AKS, said the comments related to a design statement for a different project.

He said: ‘We use a template. This was a left-over question from an officer about a previous project.

‘There are no problems at all with the Somers Town hub.’

Portsmouth City Council removed the statement from its website on Tuesday.

Its Somers Town project manager Launce Morgan said: ‘The transport statement contained a page from another of the consultant’s projects, not connected to us, that had not been edited.’