Southsea coastal defences: '˜Lets just build a 20ft wall' - Facebook reacts to new pictures

The public got their first taste of what the £100 million Southsea costal defence project could look like as new pictures were unveiled ahead of the start of consultations on the scheme.Â

Wednesday, 4th July 2018, 5:55 pm
Updated Monday, 16th July 2018, 5:07 pm
What South Parade Pier could look like once coastal defences are built. Picture: Portsmouth City Council

The project, that will protect more than 8,000 homes from flooding, has the potential to be the single biggest local authority-led flood defence scheme in the country. 

It has a predicted cost of more than £100m.

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What South Parade Pier could look like once coastal defences are built. Picture: Portsmouth City Council

Consultations for the scheme start today at Eastney Community Centre and will offer information on proposals for eight areas of the seafront, with the opportunity to provide feedback via questionnaires. Although an initial consultation ran in 2014, this is the first time people in Portsmouth will have the chance to vote on the detailed impressions.

Reaction to the proposals on The News's Facebook post about the story this morning was fairly negative. 

Alan Ball wrote: '˜I can't believe that is the best that they can do. How does that in anyway enhance Southsea seafront. '˜At high tide you will be lucky to have any beach left. Just think how much rubbish will collect around and down in those boulders. '˜Come on this is Southsea beach not Portsmouth dockyard.' 

John Smith said: '˜Lets just build a 20ft wall around Portsea Island if that is the best the so called experts can come up with.

'˜Why not have a raised road and parking along the front so that us, the tax paying public, can at least be able to get close to the seafront.'

Ross Kiddle wrote: '˜Boulders may get thrown around in a severe sea storm and cause damage.

'˜Interlocking tetrahedrons are often used elsewhere in the world for sea defences. But they are not necessarily pretty.'

Barney Vaux said: '˜Homes are not at risk- Southsea does not flood. Is this PCC just grabbing govt. handouts?

'˜The seafront needs lots of parking, a promenade, the ability to sit in your car and look at the sea and easy access to the beach.

'˜These changes will discourage visitors and possibly kill off Southsea. I love this place, please don't ruin it for generations to come.' 

Daniel Cook wrote: '˜How to make the seafront less desirable, add more grey.  '˜What happened to the dune concept? It opened the whole area up, and brought in defence.

'˜How can you call it 'The Great Waterfront City' if you continue to make it so c*** no one wants to come here.'

Gareth Clelland was more positive about the pictures, he wrote: '˜It'll be great if they did it, but I remember years ago they were gonna spend X amount on the seafront but never did.  '˜I'll believe it when l seen them starting the work.'

Tony Weaver added: '˜There will still be access to the beach, and the wall will probably only be about 1 or 2 ft high, and people are still moaning. Would you rather the area was flooded?' 

While Michael Phillips wrote: '˜It's not a landscape garden it's a defence to protect homes.'