Southsea residents in Castle Road say they feel 'like prisoners' following road closure

FRUSTRATED Southsea residents who have felt like 'prisoners in their street' are calling for their road to be re-opened.

Friday, 14th May 2021, 5:20 pm
Residents of Castle Rd, Southsea, say the feel trapped in their homes and the noise generated by outdoor drinkers is 'horrendous'. Pam McGuiness, front left Picture: Chris Moorhouse (jpns 140521-17)

People living in Castle Road which was closed to cars in September to aid social distancing, have reported being blocked into their driveways by vans and having to deal with noise and anti-social behaviour from revellers sitting outside.

The road is closed to through traffic but bollards are moved to allow for deliveries to businesses in the morning.

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Examples of some of the issues in Castle Road. Picture: Pam McGuiness

Pam McGuinness, 67, who has lived in Castle Road for 35 years said: 'It's ruining my life in this house. I have lived here happily until now.

'Now our driveway is always being blocked by delivery vans. Because of my daughter's situation she needs to be able to get her car out at a moment's notice. You ask if they will move and they say they'll be gone in 10 minutes but it never is.

'Sometimes we get people being really rude about it.'

It comes after The News reported some Southsea residents were campaigning for the road closure to remain permanent for safety reasons.

GV of Castle Road, Southsea on 6 May 2021. Picture: Habibur Rahman

Pam added: 'People use emotive words and say cars speed down this road and it's dangerous but in my time here I've never seen that. If you want to make cars slow down put in speed bumps or a one-way system.

'I understand how the road closure is nice for people passing through and for some of the businesses but they've not thought about the people actually living here. It's ruining people's lives.

'It's like we're prisoners in our street.'

Her daughter, Sarah, said: 'The majority of these vehicle owners have all been quite aggressive when asked if they can move, there are quite a few of repeat offenders which to me feels like intimidation.'

Residents of Castle Rd, Southsea, say the feel trapped in their homes and the noise generated by outdoor drinkers is 'horrendous'. Pam McGuiness, front right Picture: Chris Moorhouse (jpns 140521-18)

Since the closure venues along the road have been able to provide outdoor seating for eating and drinking.

Another resident, Nadine Darnley De Salis, said: ‘ln just one evening's revelries the noise was so bad I had to close all my windows to the front resulting in there being no ventilation through my home, in sweltering heat becoming more uncomfortable and irritated as the night wore on and the revelries got louder the more alcohol was consumed.

'I do not want to be forced into the position where I can bear it no longer and this long term resident has to sell up and move.'

However, council leader Councillor Gerald Vernon-Jackson, said: 'The council has received various feedback from people about the closure of Castle Road and Palmerston Road South, but the vast majority has been very positive.

'The council will continue to see if any problems can be ironed out before a final decision is made about whether the roads will be closed on a permanent basis.

'Local residents and businesses will be consulted.'

Feedback on the closure can be reported to [email protected]

A message from the Editor, Mark Waldron

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