Southsea restaurant owner will ‘fight’ for future of new Italian tapas bar

A PROSPECTIVE restaurateur has vowed to 'fight' for the future of a new Italian tapas bar in Southsea after councillors rejected plans for its 'essential' extractor duct.

Tuesday, 28th May 2019, 9:31 am
Italian tapas restaurant Pitigliano in Marmion Road that was set to open this summer

Planning committee members on Portsmouth City Council refused permission for the equipment on the outside of proposed venue Pitigliano in Marmion Road due to the impact it would have on neighbouring residents in Climaur Court.

One resident of Climaur Court, Christopher Eldred, attended the meeting last Thursday to object to the plans. Speaking to the committee he said: 'Residents will be subjected to odours and fumes as well as noise.

'It is not in-keeping with the conservation of the area.'

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Catalan Barcelona in Marmion Road that is opening soon

He also argued that the location of the duct would actually be on the front of the building, from the perspective of Climaur Court.

He added: 'I have not found another site in Southsea or Portsmouth where the duct is placed on the front of the building.'

But applicant Sam Arabbetou from Southsea, who is also launching the Catalan Barcelona tapas bar in Marmion Road this week, said this would stop Pitigliano from opening.

'Without an extractor fan we cannot run,' he said.

'I always said if it is refused I will take it to appeal. There is no reason to refuse the duct.

'At first we were refused permission for the Catalan Barcelona but we took that to appeal and won.'

Mr Arabbetou added: 'Pitigliano will be open for everyone - families, couples and friends. It will be upmarket. I think it will be really good for Marmion Road.

‘I was planning to open this summer.’

Business owners in the area have recently expressed their hope that Marmion Road will become a popular destination in the city like Albert Road and Palmerston Road.

Deputy manager of The Marmion Tavern, Callum Boller, said: 'The Catalan Barcelona is good, it'll bring more people around and make this place more lively'

'Marmion Road definitely has potential to become popular and there's plenty of local shops around to help give it a boost in the right direction'

James Stone, owner of Bangerz'n'Brewz in Victoria Road South, agreed. He said: 'If I'm honest I think the Catalan Barcelona is going to be really good for everybody, as would any new restaurant.

'Marmion Road is the perfect walkway between Albert Road and Palmerston Road, which are really popular nightspots. It's a small road but I think it's going to become a really popular destination.

'I wish the owner the best of luck and I'm really looking forward to seeing it.'