Speed bumps are set to be put into busy Southsea rat-run roadÂ

COUNCIL plans to create speed bumps on a busy Southsea road have been welcomed by local residents believing the area to be 'an accident waiting to happen.'

Wednesday, 14th November 2018, 4:24 pm
Updated Wednesday, 14th November 2018, 5:26 pm
Devonshire Infant School in Francis Avenue, Portsmouth.

On Thursday Portsmouth City Council's head of transport, Cllr Lynne Stagg, is due to decide whether to implement two large speed bumps at the junction between Francis Avenue, Jessie Road and Devonshire Square, as well as six pairs of smaller bumps from there down to Albert Road.

Francis Avenue currently has a 20mph speed limit but in the past five years there have been 19 recorded collisions in the area. Councillors and residents are also concerned about the safety of pupils at Devonshire Infant School and Fernhurst Junior School on the same road.

Pam Turton, the council's assistant director for transport, explained why the change was needed. 'Ensuring the safety of children going to and from school is a priority for the city council,' she said.

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Devonshire Infant School in Francis Avenue, Portsmouth.

'Following on from the concerns raised by residents over the speed at which drivers were travelling along Francis Avenue we surveyed the area and found that over 60 per cent of drivers were travelling over 24mph.

'There have been 19 collisions recorded over the past five years too, so something needs to be done. The measures we are putting in place will not only slow drivers down but will also make crossing the road safer.'

The news was well received by residents familiar with the crossing.

Brian Young, 70, who works as part of the council's school crossing patrol on the junction, said: 'Some cars come down here doing 50 or 60mph because it's a through road. So I do think it is a good idea.

'In the past couple of years I have seen some accidents involving pedestrians. They haven't been too bad, no one has been seriously injured so far. But sometimes people come up here and just whip round the corners.'

His fears were met by Sam Coutts, 48, who lives on the corner of Francis Avenue and Jessie Road. 'There is going to be an accident one day if something isn't done,' she said.

'But I think sometimes speed bumps can be noisy so I'm not sure how that will be living opposite them.

'But they need to do something. Maybe it should be a one-way road because at the moment there is four-way traffic here.

'There has been a lollipop man on his own working there for ages. He needs another one there to work with him. '

One Francis Avenue resident Vanessa Hall, 35, was planning to leave the area due to the traffic. She said: '˜Mine and my friend's car have been badly hit since living here.

'There should be a reduction in collisions after the speed humps are installed but people don't care and often just drive off after hitting cars.

'˜I am planning to move very soon because of this.'

The decision will be made at a traffic and transportation meeting on Thursday.


RESIDENTS voiced their concerns about safety on the junction between Jessie Road, Francis Avenue and Devonshire Square which sees four streams of traffic moving at once.

Terry Frost, 63, who runs a grocery store on the corner of Jessie Road and Francis Avenue, said: 'I think they need traffic lights here really. Speed bumps might help. It is a dangerous around here but no one takes notice of the speed limit.'

University of Portsmouth student Tia Collis, 20, of Jessie Road said: 'It's a bit lethal to try to cross the road here, you have to look in so many directions. Bumps could help.'

Her housemate, Becky Button, 19, agreed. 'People do rush all the way down the road. It can be hard to pull out with your car,' she said.

Lewis Evans, 25, of Francis Avenue, added: '˜Cars often bomb down here and people turn round corners without looking

'˜I think the safety of the children at the two schools is the most important important issue.'