Spinnaker Tower abseilers remove outside lift that never worked

The Spinnaker outside lift being removed'Picture: Kate Lakin
The Spinnaker outside lift being removed'Picture: Kate Lakin
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ABSEILERS have been taking down the final parts of the outdoor lift at the Spinnaker Tower.

People have been climbing the iconic tower to remove parts of the lift which was never used.

Several years ago, Portsmouth City Council made the decision to drop plans to make it work.

This is part of the final operation to remove the lift.

Problems with the lift first became clear when it got stuck two weeks before the tower opened in October 2005, and again on its opening day when its passengers were suspended 40ft in the air.

Although lift company Cotswold Lifts said it had fixed the fault, Continuum, which operates the tower, said it was too unreliable to use as it could be expected to get stuck up to twice a day.

Other problems with the glass lift included a short period in which its doors were found to open wide enough for a person to fall out while it was moving.

The council decided that a replacement lift would be too expensive at an estimated £1m. In 2008 it was estimated the lift being out of action had cost Continuum and the council up to £3.5m in lost revenue.