Sponsored Spinnaker Tower will be red and white

An artist's impression of the red and white Spinnaker Tower
An artist's impression of the red and white Spinnaker Tower
Daron Shallow on the steel drum. Picture: PO Phot Nicola Harper

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The sponsored Spinnaker Tower will be coloured red and white.

First images of the rebranding of the tower were shown today at a press conference to confirm that the Emirates airline has signed a deal with Portsmouth City Council.

The new colour scheme for the previosuly all-white tower reflects the new sponsor’s corporate colours.

But the move is likely to cause controversy as red and white are the traditional colours of Pompey’s football rivals Southampton.

Emirates will be the first ever sponsor of the Tower which will be rebranded as Emirates Spinnaker Tower from July 2015.

In a statement, the airline said: ‘The new agreement which will span five years and is worth £3.5million will see Emirates’ eye-catching red branding running up the length and breadth of the Tower. Sir Tim Clark, President Emirates Airline and Leader of Portsmouth City Council, Councillor Donna Jones fittingly announced the new partnership 105 metres in the air.’

Sir Tim Clark told a press conference at the Spinnaker: ‘As the most prominent landmark in Portsmouth we are honoured to be the inaugural sponsor of Emirates Spinnaker Tower,

‘This sponsorship represents our vested interest in the UK where we currently operate 16 daily flights and where we are responsible for injecting and stimulating over £2.1 billion into the country’s GDP each year. Part of the reason that this sponsorship opportunity was so appealing to us is that it will enable the local City Council to reinvest this partnership money into the local community, something that we are proud to be able to support.’

He said Emirates’ relationship with the tower was a massive boost for Portsmouth and the partnership will also see the city promoted to potential visitors across the world through additional Emirates marketing.

Cllr Jones said: ‘I am delighted we have agreed this partnership, Emirates is one of the most prestigious brands in the world and this association can only benefit Portsmouth.

‘With the financial situation the council faces we have to think creatively about how we can achieve the maximum income potential from our assets, and this is just one of several deals we are working on. The money this sponsorship brings in will help reduce the need for cuts to vital services such as social care and those things communities value so much like libraries, community centres and leisure facilities..

spinnaker tower artist impressions

spinnaker tower artist impressions

spinnaker tower artist impressions

spinnaker tower artist impressions