Sponsorship plan for Spinnaker Tower to give council cash

BRANDED A mock-up of how the Spinnaker Tower could look if it was sponsored by Virgin
BRANDED A mock-up of how the Spinnaker Tower could look if it was sponsored by Virgin
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ADVERTISING placards could soon be at the foot of the Spinnaker Tower as the council looks to boost its coffers.

Portsmouth City Council is in discussions with several companies with a view to them sponsoring the 170m landmark, which is 10 years old this year.

Conservative leader Donna Jones tweeted billionaire Richard Branson with a mocked-up picture saying it was a ‘great opportunity’ for Virgin with the America’s Cup in the city in July.

She tweeted: ‘Can we meet to discuss when you’re free?’

Cllr Jones told The News she had not received a reply back, but a marketing pack had been sent to Virgin.

She said a ‘significant’ income could be generated and the cash could be ploughed into boosting public services, including education and services for the elderly.

She said: ‘We are looking at all opportunities to maximise the income from the Spinnaker.

‘I would much rather do that than cut the budget elsewhere and close public facilities.

‘We have approached lots of companies. There’s a really good one on the table we are pursuing.’

She said she could not reveal the company which the council hoped to sign a deal with, but said it was ‘well-known’.

She added: ‘It’s a great example of exactly what we should be doing with assets all across the city that have a high tourist attraction.’

She said the advertising would be at the foot of the tower and not on the spine or viewing platforms.

Councillor Hugh Mason, deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats, said: ‘In an ideal world we would not wish to have advertising on the Spinnaker Tower because it’s such an iconic building.

‘Provided it’s done discreetly, when the council has to save vast amounts of money, it strikes me as a reasonable way forward.’