‘Stagnant lagoon’ plans to go before Fareham councillors again

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CONTROVERSIAL plans to create a man-made lagoon next to a new restaurant are to go before planning chiefs for a second time.

Fareham Borough Council’s planning committee looked at the proposals, which are part of plans to build a replica tidal mill on the Cams Hall estate in Portchester, at its meeting in March.

But the committee’s nine members agreed to put off a decision over concerns that diners would be left overlooking a stagnant pond.

The original plans were for a new inter-tidal basin to be dug out on the edge of Fareham Quay, which runs around the estate.

But concerns were raised that if this was not designed to drain properly, the water could become stagnant and silted up.

Engineering consultant Mott MacDonald was hired to look at the plans and has recommended installing an aeration system to solve potential problems.

The Environment Agency has told councillors that this option will make it ‘a less hostile environment for fish and marine life’.

But it goes on to warn about build-ups of toxic algae, adding: ‘Should this occur the water would pose a health hazard to livestock, pets and humans who came into contact with the toxins.’

Greg Lismore, of Swan Quay in Fareham, has been fighting the plans and will make a deputation at tomorrow’s planning meeting.

He said: ‘Blooms of toxic algae have the potential of poisoning fish and anyone swimming in the quay.

‘Will the councillors want to vote for something that could ultimately make them responsible for poisoning someone?’

The committee cannot reject the plans for the lagoon outright, as they were accepted as part of the 2010 permission.

Developer Strand Harbour was left with a list of more than 20 conditions to satisfy before building work could begin.

The council officer’s report recommends approving the scheme.

The planning meeting takes place at the civic offices from 2.30pm tomorrow.