Stubbington Ark defends putting down dog

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THE Stubbington Ark animal rescue centre has defended its decision to put down a healthy German Shepherd.

German Shepherd Dog Rescue (GSDR) has criticised the RSPCA Animal Shelter for ending 12-year-old Bailey’s life when his owner told staff she could not look after him.

Staff at GSDR claimed they had a home ready for the dog and the Ark only took two hours before making the decision.

But the RSPCA has insisted the Ark acted responsibly because it believed Bailey had little hope of being rehomed.

Bailey’s owner went in on Sunday and said she had nowhere to live and was currently sleeping in a car.

An RSPCA spokeswoman said: ‘After spending two hours at the animal shelter, sitting with Bailey, his owner decided it would be unfair on him to rehome him and since she could not afford a vet, she asked the RSPCA to put him to sleep.

‘All too often, the RSPCA deal with animals which have been abandoned by people who have taken the coward’s way out and failed to live up to their responsibilities as a pet owner.

‘Bailey’s owner has our sympathies and respect for making a brave but responsible decision in the best interest of her dog when she herself was in a very difficult place.’

But Jayne Shenstone from GSDR said: ‘We had two homes for that dog and our volunteer was on his way to see him. Had they just waited an hour, Bailey would be alive today. There is no justification at all for the RSPCA to have killed that dog.’