Stubbington residents vow to continue fight against new road

The view from Woodcote Lane across fields where the new Newgate Lane South would dissect
The view from Woodcote Lane across fields where the new Newgate Lane South would dissect
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RESIDENTS next to the route of a proposed new dual carriageway said they would continue to fight the road.

The residents, who live along Woodcote Lane, in Stubbington, are furious about plans to build a new Newgate Lane South which would cut through countryside next to their houses.

They say they feel let down by the county council, as it presses ahead with its plans, and they raised questions about if the consultation has been properly carried out.

Jean Huppler, who lives in the house nearest to the proposed road, said: ‘We have not got a great deal of confidence in what they are trying to do. We have to try and keep making a protest.’

Mrs Huppler drew attention to the low response rate to the latest consultation which saw just 490 surveys completed, despite 54,000 leaflets being sent out to residents.

She said the low response signifies an apathy with residents, who feel overlooked by the council and feel that their opinions do not matter.

Woodcote Lane resident Aimee White, 39, said she was so incensed by the poor consultation, she printed off her own flyers and hand delivered them around Bridgemary. She said: ‘All we want is a fair and square fight.

‘I can’t see how the road will improve anything, they are simply building a road for the sake of building a road.

‘They will not be able to guarantee people will not use the old Newgate Lane instead.

‘If the council had done the consultation properly and everybody had said yes, then there is not much more we could do, but to have a one per cent response rate is a disaster. And Councillor Woodward needs to acknowledge that.’

Executive member for transport Councillor Sean Woodward said he would consider all the options and responses when he makes a decision about whether to apply for planning permission for the new road next month.

Cllr Woodward said: ‘I am pleased the residents of Woodcote Lane are engaging with the consultation process and I will take their views, as well as those of the 490 responses, into account.’

He admitted that the county council had ‘learned lessons’ from the consultation and said they would consider making further consultations more targeted and making them more personal, such as putting them in envelopes.

Further consultation will take place if the council decided to put in a planning application.