STUDENT SHOUT: Is Trump running scared of visiting the UK?

Murray Jacobsen, a journalism student at Highbury College, gives his verdict on Donald Trump's recent antics

Tuesday, 16th January 2018, 10:36 am
Journalism student Murray Jacobsen believes Donald Trump is running scared of a very hostile reception - and that's the real reason he has cancelled his visit to the UK

For a long time Donald Trump has been seen as something of a joke, and not a funny one.

The 45th President of the United States of America has undermined the office of the president from day one with constant controversy and petty digs at opponents.

Recently Trump decided he would thrust himself back to the forefront of the news and insult multiple countries around the world, including Haiti, El Salvador and ‘African countries’, asking, ‘why should the US let people from these countries in?’

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In one sentence he insulted two countries and an entire continent.

Trump also decided it would be a good idea to call off his visit to London to open the new US embassy. He tweeted that the only reason he cancelled was because the relocation was a ‘bad deal’ leaving the job to his secretary of defence instead.

Does he really think this or is he worried about his visit?

There is no doubt his arrival in the UK would have been met with protests as his outlandish opinions have firmly set most of the country against him.

There have also been claims, from Labour MP Paul Flynn, that should Trump set foot on British soil, he should be arrested for inciting racial hatred following his abhorrent retweeting of Britain First videos, late last year.

There was also a debate in the House of Commons concerning his state visit with quite a few MPs saying the president should not be allowed in the country because of his racism and general repugnancy.

These factors would make for a hostile environment should Trump visit the UK.

He may be able to cope with hostility in America but it’s a different scenario over here.

However, I’m sure he will have no trouble blaming the media for his woes and bringing out his ‘fake news’ catchphrase.