Survey shows Portsmouth parents are giving children booze

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PARENTS have been warned not to supply their children with alcohol, following a survey that shows nearly a third of their booze from their mums and dads.

More than 1,200 youngsters aged 12 to 15 at Portsmouth schools were asked about their drinking habits.

Sixty eight per cent said they had tried alcohol, and 29 per cent said they had been drunk.

Of those, 29 per cent said their parents had supplied them with alcohol.

Dr Paul Edmondson-Jones, the city’s director of public health and wellbeing said: ‘It’s a worry parents are still providing alcohol to children.

‘This highlights that we need to do more to inform parents that children under 15 should never consume alcohol.

‘It shows most children are not getting drunk, only a minority.

‘But those who are drinking excessively are often being aided and abetted by their parents.

‘Parents should be aware children may well be drinking the alcohol they provide, along with more obtained by other means.

‘Getting drunk without parental supervision leads to all sorts of problems that our A&E department and the police have to deal with.

‘Parents may find their parenting skills impaired by alcohol.

‘Many children will see their parents as role models and may develop an unhealthy attitude to alcohol.’

For alcohol support or advice, call 023 9284 1753.