Syria bombing: readers’ views

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Readers of have expressed differing views on whether or not the UK should bomb Isil targets in Syria,

Here are the views of people we spoke to ahead of tonight’s Commons vote on the issue.

RAF war planes are gearing up to launch air strikes against the militants in their heartland

RAF war planes are gearing up to launch air strikes against the militants in their heartland

Danielle Preston, 34, of Edgeware Road, Milton:

‘We shouldn’t get involved.

‘It saddens me what has happened in France.

‘I lived in France and in Paris and had been to some of the areas that were attacked.

‘But it’s just tit for tat. I think if we start doing it what’s to stop the terrorists from then attacking us?’

Sheila Prior, 65, of Edenbridge Road, Milton:

‘I agree with what David Cameron has said. I know there are more people waiting in the wings. We need to get rid of that threat.

‘What Isil has done is absolutely appalling. They’re like the modern-day Nazis to me.

‘It could happen to us anytime, anywhere and we have to do what we can to stop it.’

David Cowie, 46, of Eastney Road, Eastney:

‘It’s just going to become another Iraq. No-one helped us when we were getting bombed by the IRA; France never flew the Union Jack and Europe never stepped in.

‘Now Paris has been bombed we’re expected as a country to back them up when really we need to focus on protecting our own.’

Harold Furey, 82, from Hayling Island:

‘The way they carry on beheading, we should take military action.

‘This went on in the olden days and it’s the way the world is now.’

Billi Herrington, 44, from Hayling Island:

‘I don’t think we should take military action. I think you shouldn’t fight fire with fire.

‘We need more policing around this country. If we take action I think things will get worse for us and there will be more attacks.’