Teenagers embrace politics in mock election

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CHILDREN at Park Community School had their own taste of election fever.

Pupils had the opportunity for vote for their favourite party during a mock election yesterday.

Seven student leaders were randomly allocated a political party.

They have been busy campaigning, leafleting, creating multimedia promotions and answering questions fired at them by their peers in a Question Time-style debate.

Each student political leader was given a budget they could spend on promoting their campaigns.

The leaders were Jake Reeve, 14, Labour; Sam Altahaineh, 13, SNP; Hannah Fletcher, 15, Liberal Democrats; Brighton Alner, 14, Green Party; Lauren Townsend, 14, Conservatives; Shane Sellence, 15, Ukip​, and Wayd Harris, 15, The Monster Raving Looney Party.

They each campaigned on changing an area of school life.

Deputy headteacher Sue Walker said: ‘It’s fantastic that our pupils are getting involved with politics.

‘Our election was about giving them the knowledge and understanding that will give them the confidence to vote in the future and that their voice is being heard.

‘We want to inspire our pupils into politics, by giving them a basic understanding of the political parties and the voting system.

‘This will then hopefully encourage them to use their voice and vote when able.