Terrorist logo mistakenly used to salute Sussex war veteran

Henry Allingham and the wrong RAF logo SUS-160816-141044001
Henry Allingham and the wrong RAF logo SUS-160816-141044001
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A musical pressure group has apologised after mistakenly using a terrorist group’s logo to salute Sussex war hero Henry Allingham in its new video.

The anti-Brexit video and song called Little Englanders by Society Syndrome launched last week but instead of the Royal Air Force logo in honour of Mr Allingham, it showed the logo from German terrorist group the Red Army faction.

Mr Allingham, who died in 2009 at the age of 113, was the oldest ever surviving member of any of the British Armed Forces, one of the oldest surviving veterans of the First World War, the last survivor of the Battle of Jutland and one of the founding members of the Royal Air Force.

Michael Desmond from Society Syndrome said the video and song was being temporarily withdrawn pending a re-edit.

He said, “The anti-Brexit piece was successfully launched last week but unfortunately in the edit, a line relating to war veteran and former Eastbourne resident Henry Allingham, a founder member of the RAF, who became the oldest man in the world living until 113, mistakenly included a logo from the German terrorist group RAF - the Red Army Faction - commonly known as the Baader-Meinhof Gang.

“Ironically, it was edited by a EU citizen from Romania who was obviously unfamiliar with the famous RAF logo, a target with circles.

“It’s certainly something we should have picked up, we only did so following a complaint from a pro-Leave campaigner who spotted the mistake.

“We apologise to Henry’s family and will replace the current version with an amended one shortly.”

Mr Allingham lived in Eastbourne up until shortly before his death.