The people have spoken on future housing in Havant

HANDS OFF The field north of Goldring Close in Hayling Island which has plans for 85 homes. Picture: Sarah Standing (110341-726)
HANDS OFF The field north of Goldring Close in Hayling Island which has plans for 85 homes. Picture: Sarah Standing (110341-726)
Fly-tipping in Harold Road. Picture: Andrew Pearce

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THE people of Havant have delivered a clear message to developers: ‘Hands off our green spaces.’

Several fields were put forward for potential housing sites over the next two decades.

But during a public consultation across the borough, more than 1,400 people made their views clear on where housing should be built.

Residents said it would be a travesty to lose certain green spots, including Horse Field in Emsworth, fields off Lower Road in Old Bedhampton and fields north of Goldring Close on Hayling.

Lorraine Clode, chairman of Emsworth Residents’ Association, has been fighting 100 homes planned for Horse Field.

She said: ‘This is only the first consultation but it’s certainly a strong indication of what residents think.

‘Eighty per cent of the people who voted came from Emsworth.

‘It says people in Emsworth are very interested in local housing allocations and they have made their feelings clear.

‘Horse Field is in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and should be protected.’

The council must find space for just over 6,300 new homes by 2026 and gave the public options for each area after landowners came forward with parcels of land they were prepared to sell to developers.

Exhibitions were carried out around the borough in May and June and 1,417 representations were made.

But in Leigh Park and Waterlooville less than 100 people took part.

The consultation was the first in a series which will be held before the Local Development Plan is put together at the end of next year.

This will set out the council’s preferred options for new housing sites.

Jim Graham, of North Hill Residents’ Association, campaigned against plans for 92 homes off Scratchface Lane but the government’s planning inspector ruled it was suitable. It was included in all options for Havant and Bedhampton.

Mr Graham said 6,300 homes was too much for the area. He added: ‘I did not tick any box in the consultation because I didn’t find any of the three options acceptable.

‘I felt the council did not give us enough choice.’

Andrew Biltcliffe, shared service manager for planning policy, said they could only include options where land had been put forward.

He added: ‘The majority of people accept we need development. People want to get involved in the Local Plan (allocations) process to help to make sure the best sites come forward for development.

‘We believe the informal consultation has helped people understand the need for development so people will be more informed when we get to the six-week formal consultation on the Draft Local Plan (Allocations) that is planned to take place in November and December this year.’

List of sites with number of proposed homes in brackets

· Emsworth - Residents want to exclude Horse Field (100)

Sites remaining:

South Street car park (5)

Land west of Horndean Road (Up to 110)

Land east of Horndean Road (Up to 80)

West of Coldharbour Farm (66)

· Havant and Bedhampton - Residents want to exclude Lower Road, Bedhampton (50)

Sites remaining:

Havant War Memorial Hospital (12)

Barncroft School (34)

Land northeast of Havant College (41)

Former Oak Park School (22)

Land at River Way (10)

Land north of Bartons Road (30)

Eastleigh House (5)

South of Bartons Road 
(Up to 320)

Manor Farm and Copseys Nursery (Up to 225)

Havant town centre (Up to 310)

Wessex and Network Rail, New Lane (Up to 70)

Warblington School field (56)

Portsmouth Water headquarters (48)

Portsmouth Water land (contingency) (up to 161)

Palk Road (21)

Portsdown Hill (80)

Scratchface Lane (92)

Littlepark House, Bedhampton (Up to 47)

· Hayling Island - Residents want to exclude Goldring Close (160)

Sites remaining:

Station Road (5)

Rear of Elm Grove (7)

Beachlands (100)

Manor Nurseries (13)

Rook Farm (contingency) (53)

Station Road north of Sinah Lane (60)

Station Road east of Furniss Way (84)

North of Rook Farm (119)

· Leigh Park - Residents want to exclude Strouden Court (60), Prospect Lane (10) and a cluster of small sites at Warren Park (33)

Sites remaining:

Plaitford Grove 
(contingency) (5)

Kingsclere Avenue (Up to 40)

Oakshott Drive (8)

Riders Lane allotments (70)

Blendworth Crescent (48)

Holybourne Road (8)

Priorsdene Crescent (5)

Fox pub, off Prospect Lane (8)

Dunsbury Way (72)

Oxenwood Green (8)

Larkwhistle Walk (7)

SSE site Bartons Road (90)

Cabbagefield Row (46)

· Waterlooville – Residents want to exclude Padnell Grange (84) and Highbank Avenue, Widley (63)

Sites remaining:

Milton Road car park (5)

St Michael’s Convent (57)

Sacred Heart Church (9)

Asda/ clock tower (111)

Goodwillies timber yard (contingency) (96)

Wellington Way (55)

Purbrook Park (Up to 95)

Meadowlands School (52)

Land west of Asda (43)

Forest End garages (5)