The traffic is going to be horrendous, as it is already

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PEOPLE in Sarisbury Green fear a new development on a former hospital site will cause huge traffic problems in the area.

Miller Homes and the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) have submitted plans to Fareham Borough Council to build 168 homes and 40 sheltered housing units on the old Coldeast Hospital site in Sarisbury Green.

The plans also include the restoration and extension of the existing Mansion House, which would become a hotel, and a project for Brook Lane Lodge to become a house again.

A swimming pool, sports pitches, a cemetery, allotments and a new community building with changing facilities also form part of the plans.

But residents are concerned about the impact the development will have on the area.

Rachel Allinson of the Coldeast Action Group, said: ‘The traffic is going to be horrendous, as it is already. These new houses are going to dump a fair amount of traffic on to Brookfield Lane.

‘The school is going to extend even more.

‘The Western wards have taken more than their fair share of housing.

‘We don’t believe that we can stop it. Our view now is to minimise the impact that it will have and try and make it as few dwellings as possible and make sure that there is adequate green space.’

Talks are ongoing about extending Brookfield Community School to hold another 45 pupils. And a new cemetery is needed as the Holly Hill cemetery is full.

Councillor Sean Woodward, leader of the council, said: ‘Overall, there is tremendous support for the community benefits. We have been working to achieve this for the past 20 years.

‘Without doubt there will have to be some amendments to the housing side. There is understandable concern in terms of the impact on traffic, schools and doctors.’

It’s not yet known when the council’s planning committee will consider the plans.