There’s a general culture of ignorance at the top of Portsmouth’s council | Reader’s Letter

Civic Offices. Picture: Keith Woodland (090319-36)
Civic Offices. Picture: Keith Woodland (090319-36)
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There have been several letters recently from correspondents about the lack of response from officialdom about major issues raised in The News column.

Elaine Alexander (May 6) says that officials think that if they ‘just keep ignoring them, they will go away’.

But we must not ‘just go away’. We must be as hard-nosed as they are, and keep exposing their lack of shame and public duty.

The chief officers and directors of Portsmouth City Council are on six-figure salaries, but they have no sense of public duty. Some members and officers are responsive, which shows that it is possible to do their duty on matters of wide public interest.

Cllrs Luke Stubbs, Steve Pitt, and former Cllr Mike Hancock generally replied to my letters, as do certain officials.

However, there is a general culture of ignorance and indifference by those at the top.

The public have a duty to expose their incompetence.

Jerry Bamforth,

Sennen Place, Port Solent