'˜They come at us violently' '“ why people want to ban yobs from Gosport green

INTRODUCING a ban on teenagers on a waterfront green is for the benefit of everyone in the area, according to residents.

Friday, 2nd February 2018, 6:08 pm
Updated Saturday, 3rd February 2018, 2:23 pm
Hardway Green, Gosport. Picture: Malcolm Wells

Gosport Borough Council has launched a consultation for a public space protection order at Hardway Green in Priory Road.

The consultation was launched after numerous complaints of anti-social behaviour were noted by the Hardway Residents Association, which has been campaigning for this since August 2017.

Residents say that the ideal scenario would be for the PSPO to be introduced before summer starts.

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Michael Hayward, 58, said: ‘I have seen the teenagers do quite a few things on the green.

‘People drinking, riding motorbikes on the green and kicking footballs against houses – these have all happened in the past.

‘When the summer comes we just sit here and hope it isn’t going to kick off too badly.

‘I have had to confront a few of them myself and have received a torrent of foul language from them all.’

Another resident, who wished to remain anonymous, said: ‘The anti-social behaviour goes on all summer long.

‘They have been intimidating people, using foul language and riding their motorbikes along the green.

‘A few of them have also been jumping up on the boats that are docked up.

‘If any of us try to say anything about it they come back at us, and quite violently.

‘It is at the point now where some of us are actually living in fear of these teenagers – it’s no way to live.

‘We just want them to behave, nobody particularly wants people banned from an area, but sadly it has become a necessity.’

Another resident, who also wanted to stay anonymous, said: ‘It they were to use the area responsibly then there wouldn’t be anything wrong.

‘You see them riding around on their motorbikes and it completely trashes the green.

‘Having grown up in the area, it has probably been happening for about five years now, so it is about time something is done about it.’

If introduced, the Public Space Protection Order would be enforced for three years.

Anyone refusing to comply could get a fixed penalty of up to £100 or a court fine of up to £1,000.