Toilets are closed after concern over the use of drugs

The public toilets by the Gosport ferry terminal have been closed by the borough council Picture: Google Maps
The public toilets by the Gosport ferry terminal have been closed by the borough council Picture: Google Maps
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TOWN centre public toilets have been closed – because used needles and syringes, blood and vomit are being found there every day.

The public toilets near the ferry terminal and in Jamaica Place in Gosport have been closed until further notice.

Gosport Borough Council has cited the ‘daily misuse’ as the reason for closure, as they became impossible to keep clean and safe.

Used needles and syringes, blood, vomit and general drug paraphernalia were just some of the items found in the toilets.

There were also reports of people sleeping in the cubicles.

Cllr Graham Burgess, chairman of the council’s community board, said: ‘We are very sorry to have to close these toilets, and we apologise for the inconvenience it will cause, but we’ve been left with no choice.

‘It’s about protecting our residents, our visitors and the cleaning staff, and keeping them safe.

‘Imagine someone out shopping with their small grandchild, who pops into a loo.

‘There’s a real risk of the child picking up a needle or touching something equally nasty and hazardous.

‘Our cleaners have been doing everything they can, but sometimes they can’t even get into cubicles.’

Cllr Burgess says that the public toilets on Ordnance Road will remain open.

He said: ‘The closure will enable us to concentrate resources on the Ordnance Road loos and do our very best to keep them in order.

‘Gosport has a good record on offering accommodation and support if people are on the streets.

‘We will continue to offer this help.

‘Hand in hand with that, we also need to look at tackling behaviour which upsets and frightens ordinary people.

‘That’s why we’re considering introducing a protection order.’

Although a timeline has not been set by the council, the introduction of public space protection orders (PSPOs) is on the agenda.

Offenders could be fined up to £100, with further fines of up to £1,000 if they fail to comply with the demands of the police.

Gosport resident Rosemary Lessiter, 79, said that the problem spread further than the public toilets.

She said: ‘This sort of thing happens all over the town – we all know where it is, but it feels like the police and the council aren’t doing anything about these drug abusers.’