Tory candidate brands Ukip voters as racists

  • Calls for Flick Drummond to stand down and apologise
  • Conservative in Portsmouth South contest insists she was not describing every Ukip supporter
  • Nigel Farage calls comments ‘incredibly stupid’
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A SCATHING attack has been launched against a parliamentary candidate after she branded people who vote for Ukip racist.

Flick Drummond, who is hoping to clinch Portsmouth South for the Tories, has come under fire following her outburst at a political hustings.

Her comments came during a debate at the University of Portsmouth over whether teenagers are disillusioned and not fitting in because Ukip are against immigration and spreading ‘anti-racial slurs’.

Party candidate Steve Harris insisted he was not racist and Ukip wanted to control the level of immigration – with the issue being ‘space, not race’.

But Ms Drummond responded by saying: ‘Steve, you might not be racist, but the people voting for you are, because I meet them every day on the doorstep.

She added: ‘I am afraid that is the case.

‘I know you might not be racist, but it’s certainly happening on the doorstep.’

And calls have now been made for Ms Drummond to step down as a candidate and write an apology to party members for making the ‘disgraceful’ claim.

Councillor Steve Hastings, who is half Irish and deputy leader of Portsmouth’s Ukip group, said: ‘It’s outrageous she would say that based on a few comments on the street.

‘It’s a disgrace and despicable.’

Flick Drummond

Flick Drummond

John Bowles, Fareham and Gosport Ukip chairman, said: ‘I am gobsmacked.

‘To insinuate a large proportion of the people of the Portsmouth area are racist is an absolute outrage.

‘I am outraged as I thought that in this enlightened day and age we had put the racism card down. This sort of behaviour is totally out of place.’

Ukip leader Nigel Farage told The News: ‘I think it’s an incredibly stupid thing to have said.

To insinuate a large proportion of the people of the Portsmouth area are racist is an absolute outrage.

John Bowles, Fareham and Gosport Ukip chairman

‘If she believes that what Ukip stands for is racist then she ought to encourage all Conservative voters who subscribe to Ukip’s views to vote for us.’

Cllr Stuart Potter, Ukip’s Portsmouth North committee chairman, said: ‘By those remarks she herself is a racist.

‘Flick Drummond should resign and produce a written apology to Ukip.’

Ms Drummond insists she did not mean every Ukip voter was racist and should have given her remarks some context.

But she said she meets people who display ‘appalling’ racist behaviour – referring to one incident where a woman told her she thought Muslims were ‘breeding like rabbits’ and was voting Ukip as Mr Farage was going to ‘get rid’ of every immigrant.

‘I find that absolutely disgraceful,’ Ms Drummond said.

‘It’s the most racist comment I have ever heard.’

The exchange over racism can be seen shortly after 1:20:00 in the full UPSUTV recording of the debate on this page