Tory candidate divides opinion with ‘racist’ jibe at Ukip followers

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Ukip supporters have rounded on a Portsmouth parliamentary candidate who accused party followers of being racist.

Flick Drummond, the Tory candidate for Portsmouth South, made the comment at an election debate at the University of Portsmouth.

She insists that she was referring to people she met while out canvassing and not to all Ukip voters.

But she came under fire from some reader posting comments on The News Facebook page, although others defended her.

Glenn Eves said: ‘She has done the Conservative party no good whatsoever.’

Russell Lowley said: ‘Naughty! But at the end of the day it makes us Ukip supporters more determined to vote and encourage people to vote Ukip as the rest are proving themselves to be out of touch with the real British public.’

But Keith Roberts said: ‘I’m no supporter of Flick Drummond, but she hits the nail right on the head here.

‘Ukip have consistently relied on barely subliminal racism.’

And Sally-Marie Bartlam-Hawes ‘Every time a Ukip councillor opens their mouth something racist tumbles out. It shows a certain mindset if you are willing to vote for such cretins.’

Flick Drummond

Flick Drummond