Tory leaflets are criticised by opposition

A ROW has broken out over election campaign leaflets in Portchester.

Wednesday, 4th May 2016, 5:55 am
Updated Wednesday, 4th May 2016, 11:50 am
A leaflet produced by Tory candidate Trevor Alford in Portchester for the Fareham Borough Council elections has caused offence among his rivals

One of the leaflets shows a photograph of pro-Brexit Tory candidate Trevor Alford standing next to a war memorial with a Union flag.

This has been labelled ‘hypocritical’ by members of Portchester Labour Party. They say that Mr Alford’s views on leaving the European Union ‘alluded to immigration’ – and that linking war sacrifices to immigration is wrong as the Allied forces included not just people of all political persuasions, but of many different nationalities.

Labour spokesman Stuart Rose said: ‘We have never read anything as bitter, biased and distasteful as the Conservative candidate’s leaflets currently being delivered in Portchester East.

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‘One of these leaflets, while not attacking me or the Labour party, carried banner headlines generally alluding to the issue of European Union membership and immigration. Another leaflet was clearly in the same tone but it showed the candidate draped in the Union Flag and standing by the local war memorial.

‘This is the nadir of local politics; many of those who died in the war were members of both Liberal and Labour parties, indeed many were of other nationalities and races who fought alongside us, such as the Polish airmen.

‘Portchester Labour insists on an apology and calls on the Conservatives to ensure such offensive leaflets are not repeated.’

Mr Alford defended his leaflets, which he said show his support for leaving the EU.

He said: ‘It was innocuous and innocent. The other Tory councillor Geoff Fazackarley and I have made our views on the European Union clear.

‘We are not beating around the bush, and that was at the request of local residents.

‘There is nothing nasty about the leaflets. I was very careful not to offend people.’

Tory council leader Sean Woodward said: ‘He has been asked his view on the European Union and he has made it quite clear.’