Tory MP backs plans to axe his constituency in boundary review

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A TORY MP has spoken in favour of continuing the push for parliamentary reforms, even though it would mean his seat disappears.

George Hollingbery has held the Meon Valley seat since its creation for the 2010 general election.

But it would vanish after a single term as part of the shake-up aimed at reducing the number of MPs.

Senior Lib Dems have said they will vote against the changes after Tories blocked proposals to reform the House of Lords.

But Prime Minister David Cameron has said that he will still put the proposals to all MPs.

Mr Hollingbery said: ‘Despite my seat being one of those likely to go, I was always a supporter of the Prime Minister’s decision to lower the number of MPs in Parliament, especially in these times of austerity.

‘So frankly I do not understand the logic of the Liberal Democrats’ decision that now means parliament will cost more.

‘It’s also difficult to understand because these boundary changes were actually one side of a deal within the coalition that had the referendum on the alternative vote on the other side. That was delivered.

‘The boundary changes never had anything to do with Lords reform.

‘In this coalition – just like every other – there are always stresses and strains, agreements and disagreements; give and take, so I’m a little bemused that on this issue, action has been taken by our partners in government.’

The Meon Valley seat was created from elements of the Winchester, East Hampshire and Havant constituencies.

The reforms would reduce the number of seats from 650 to 600 and make them all roughly the same size.

But if the bill is defeated, Mr Hollingbery said: ‘If Meon Valley’s electors choose to allow me to do so, I’ll carry on representing the constituency – something I very much love doing.’