Tory spends 24 hours on the campaign trail

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THE Tory hoping to become the next MP for Havant spent 24 hours on the campaign trail this week visiting residents, businesses and community groups.

Alan Mak stayed up through the day and night on Tuesday seeing what people across the area were up to.

His programme included visits to South Downs College and local firms including Tournerbury Woods Cottage, in Hayling Island, and The Blue Bell pub, in Emsworth.

Mr Mak also went to Leigh Park’s Front Lawn Primary School to see their breakfast club and he made a 5am visit to The News’ printing press in Hilsea to watch the Wednesday edition come hot off the press.

Mr Mak said the 24-hour session allowed him to see as many people as he could heading into the final week of the election campaign.

‘I am working very hard for every vote and taking nothing for granted at this election,’ Mr Mak said.

‘Local residents have given me a lot of support, which is energising.

‘I enjoyed the 24-hour campaign day, though I was probably running on adrenaline towards the end. I am determined that my campaign reaches everyone, and that nobody is missed out, especially those who work nights or unusual hours and are not engaged by ‘9 to 5’ campaigns that suit the politicians rather than the public.

‘I want be a hardworking, energetic local MP, and I hope this 24 hour campaign session gives residents a sense of the focus and hard work I can bring to Havant.’

Giles Babb, landlord of The Blue Bell, praised Mr Mak’s work. ‘Alan’s huge efforts to understand local issues and meet resident has been appreciated in Emsworth,’ he said.