Traffic lights could be installed to help ease congestion at junction

Peel Common Roundabout, viewed from Newgate Lane. Picture: Paul Jacobs (150107-1)
Peel Common Roundabout, viewed from Newgate Lane. Picture: Paul Jacobs (150107-1)
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A DECISION on how to deal with traffic at a busy roundabout will be made next week.

Councillors from Hampshire County Council will meet on Tuesday to discuss £3.2m plans for Peel Common Roundabout in Gosport.

The work is part of a number of schemes to reduce the amount of traffic between Gosport and Fareham.

At an executive meeting for economy, transport and environment, councillors Sean Woodward, Graham Burgess, Chris Wood and Shaun Cully, will discuss a report on the junction.

It suggests putting in traffic lights on three of the four routes on the roundabout.

Cllr Woodward, executive member of the board, said: ‘We have £3.25m to spend on the roundabout from the Local Growth Funding from Solent LEP.

‘It is part of all the road schemes to clear the traffic of the A32.

‘For Peel Common Roundabout, we are looking to install traffic lights on three of the four arms.

‘The only route which won’t have lights is Gosport Road, heading into Stubbington, because there isn’t enough room.

‘There will also be two lanes on Rowner Road, into Gosport, which will then go into one further down.

‘We hope that these will improve the traffic.’

As well as the extra lanes and traffic lights, facilities for cyclists and pedestrians will also be installed.

Cllr Burgess, a committee member, believes the pedestrian facilities should help with traffic.

‘If students are crossing at the Rowner Road and Broom Way section of the roundabout, it means the crossing on Newgate Lane will be used less,’ he said.

‘The road will be a vast improvement with the lights.’

The roadworks in Newgate Lane are due to be completed in later this spring.

A plan will be made soon for £6m improvements to St Margaret’s Lane, in Titchfield.