Travellers in Portsmouth housing estate tell residents they will 'leave by Wednesday'

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A GROUP of travellers who pitched up in a Portsmouth housing estate have apparently told residents they will leave by Wednesday – but told the council they intend to stay until the end of the week.

Three caravans and a truck arrived at John Wesley Gardens in Gatcombe Park, Hilsea, on Friday night.

Travellers at Gatcombe Park in Hilsea. Picture: Steve Deeks

Travellers at Gatcombe Park in Hilsea. Picture: Steve Deeks

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Hilsea ward councillor Donna Jones has been speaking to residents – who she says have been told that the travellers will leave earlier than expected.

She said: ‘They told a resident that they’re leaving on Tuesday or Wednesday, but told the council that they would be here until the end of the week.

‘We are serving them with a legal notice tomorrow so we will get them removed from the site.’

Residents are reportedly avoiding the area while the travellers are pitched up, which Cllr Jones says is a ‘shame’.

‘It’s used for dog walking, playing football and there’s a childrens’ play park there too,’ she said.

‘But people are now avoiding the area so we’ve lost a lot of amenities that local residents enjoy.

‘There’s also a generator on-site that's causing a loud noise disturbance for the locals, so that has caused some aggravation too.'

No additional vehicles have arrived since the travellers initially set up camp on Friday.

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