Travelling family is given the go-ahead to live in Titchfield

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COUNCILLORS have given the go-ahead for travellers to live on a site in Titchfield.

The family applied to Fareham Borough Council for planning permission to use the land in Southampton Road, Titchfield close to the St Margaret’s Lane roundabout.

They have now been given permission to use the land for two mobile homes, two touring caravans and two day rooms for six people to use.

Councillors voted for the plans with five votes for and three votes against.

Under the 2006 Hampshire Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Assessment, the council has to provide four pitches for travellers in the borough up until 2016, and there are already two in Newgate Lane.

Councillor David Swanbrow said: ‘There is a huge problem here but we don’t have an alternative site so I think we have to approve it.’

Councillor Connie Hockley, who voted against the plans, said: ‘These families obviously need a home, that isn’t in dispute. But as far as I am concerned it’s the wrong place. I have a great concern that we are going into the strategic gap countryside.’

Isabella Gore, 44, who lives in Southampton Road said: ‘I’m not happy about it. They have a lot to contribute to society but I think the caravans are a big eyesore.’