Two more authorities agree council tax freeze

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COUNCIL tax has been frozen for two more councils.

Despite heavy cuts in the government support grant for local authorities, East Hampshire District Council and Chichester District Council have both managed to avoid a rise.

It means Band D households in East Hampshire will have to pay £1,376 a year, but that will rise if there is a parish council precept.

Councillor Patrick Burridge, council leader, said: ‘The steps we have taken over the past year, particularly in sharing management and services with other local authorities, have given us a head start on securing the council’s finances for the coming years, while limiting changes to front-line services.’

Chichester District Council’s portion of the council tax remains £133.24 for a Band D property. It equates to £1433.65 a year in total, excluding parish precept.

Councillor John Cherry, in charge of resources, said: ‘This is good news for householders as we know times are hard for everyone.

‘We have always kept our council tax increase as low as possible, and have had the lowest tax in the county for the past five years.’

The freeze is in line with neighbouring authorities.