Ukip and Labour criticise Fareham councillor’s party change

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TWO political parties have criticised a Fareham councillor for switching his party affiliation – for the fourth time since his election.

Fareham Labour Party condemned Cllr Dave Whittingham for recently changing his party affiliation to Conservative.

Labour’s spokesperson Richard Ryan said: ‘It’s amazing that in just a few short months someone who sought the trust of the electorate has changed parties so many times – from Tory, independent, Ukip and now back to Tory.

‘This smacks of either complete indecision or trying to be in the right place for political gain.

‘He’s let down the people of Fareham North West and should resign.’

Until recently Cllr Whittingham was part of Ukip.

He was elected in May 2012 and represents Fareham North West.

Ukip councillor Chris Wood, who represents Fareham Crofton, said: ‘It has become quite apparent that certain councillors are only out for themselves and 
have been in every party going.

‘I have got no problems with Cllr Whittingham leaving Ukip as he did not agree with some of our policies.’

This change means Fareham Borough Council is now made up of 23 Conservative, six Liberal Democrat and two independent councillors.

Ukip is no longer constituted as it consists of a single member.