UKIP boss demands an EU referendum

GUEST Nigel Farage
GUEST Nigel Farage
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THE head of the leading anti-European Union party paid a visit to Southsea to make a passionate plea for the people to decide if Britain remains in the EU.

Nigel Farage said that no-one under 55 had been given a chance to vote on the country’s membership of the union.

The leader of the UK Independence Party was speaking at a meeting of the politics society at St John’s College, Southsea.

In front of an audience of about 100, which included some students, he claimed the controversy over giving prisoners the right to vote under the European Convention on Human Rights had made many people ‘more determined than ever’ to quit the EU.

Mr Farage, who is a member of the European Parliament representing the south east, which includes the Portsmouth area, renewed his call for a referendum.

He said: ‘We would be better off outside this union. I am not talking about leaving Europe because that would be moronic. I am talking about leaving this union.

‘In 1975 people voted for a common market not a political union and there are 32 million people in this country who have never been asked if they want to be part of that union or not.’

He told his audience that countries outside the EU, like Norway and Switzerland, continued to thrive.