Ukip councillor regrets loss of party leader

THE Ukip candidate for Havant has said it was '˜a shame' to see his party leader resign.

Saturday, 10th June 2017, 7:00 am

But yesterday Councillor John Perry insisted his party would return as a major force in British politics.

Leader Paul Nuttall resigned after his party did not win a single seat in the general election.

Councillor Perry, who came fourth in Havant with 2,011 votes, said he felt Mr Nuttall had ‘felt responsible’ for the party’s poor performance.

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He said: ‘Paul obviously saw the Ukip vote crumbling and he felt some kind of responsibility for it.

‘It is a shame that he decided to resign.’

He added that he felt the election had been billed as a two-way battle between the Conservatives and Labour, at the expense of smaller parties across the country.

He said: ‘I don’t think this will mean the public will get the Brexit they voted for.

‘We’ve lost so much of our vote across the country. I spoke to people after voting and they said “sorry I couldn’t vote for you this time”.

‘What has happened is that the Ukip vote has gone back to the Conservative party.’

But despite the poor result, Councillor Perry insisted the party could still remain relevant in the minds of British voters.

He said: ‘Ukip will revive and regroup again. We have many different policies, I campaigned about the NHS for example.

‘If the main parties do not deliver on their promises we will be back to challenge them.’