Ukip leader eyes up Portsmouth seat

DELIGHTED Nigel Farage
DELIGHTED Nigel Farage
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A JUBILANT Nigel Farage is celebrating his party’s success at the polls across Hampshire – and he’s got his eye on a seat in Parliament.

The party took many seats in the area last night, winning its first seats on Hampshire County Council and West Sussex County Council.

In Hampshire, Chris Wood won Fareham Crofton for the party and Ray Finch won in the Bedhampton and Leigh Park division as the party picked up 10 seats across the county.

Now the party’s leader says Ukip stands every chance of winning a House of Commons seat at the next by-election in a marginal constituency – possibly Portsmouth South if Lib Dem Mike Hancock stands down.

Mr Farage said: ‘The majority of us are saying we want our country back.

‘The comfort zone for everyone in Westminster is to believe it is a protest vote. That is what they want to believe.

‘I tell you something, there may be lots of people voting Ukip wanting to stick up two fingers and I completely understand that but most people vote Ukip because they know what we stand for and they agree with it.’

Mr Farage has previously said he believes the party has a real chance of winning a seat at Westminster if Lib Dem MP Mike Hancock were to stand down from his seat in Portsmouth South – which Mr Hancock has repeatedly said will not happen.

‘If we get the Portsmouth South by-election this summer, which I think we will, the odds on Ukip winning will be 3-1 or 2-1,’ said Mr Farage.

‘We will have a real chance of winning that by-election.’