Ukip leader says party is being ‘witch-hunted’ after row over Lenny Henry tweet

Lenny Henry. Photo by Nobby Clark. ENGPNL00120130319000602
Lenny Henry. Photo by Nobby Clark. ENGPNL00120130319000602
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Ukip leader NIGEL Farage was quick on his visit to Portsmouth to separate himself from some of the recent criticism that has dogged Ukip.

It comes after William Henwood, who is standing for Ukip in a council election, tweeted that comedian Lenny Henry should emigrate to ‘a black country’ if he wanted to see ‘a lot of blacks around’.

Mr Farage said: ‘The fact that a candidate for Ukip says something stupid on Twitter after an evening in the pub doesn’t immediately represent all of the people in Ukip.

‘We have grown from nothing to a party of 37,000 members.’

While Mr Farage said an internal investigation was under way over the offensive tweet, he believes there is a degree of ‘witch-hunting’ going on because the establishment is worried about the party’s popularity.

He also denied that the party was racist; saying ‘we are not against anybody.’

Mr Farage also defended Ukip leaflets depicting Lizzy Vaid as a normal voter from Devon – when she is actually the party’s events manager.

‘I fail to comprehend what anyone is saying here,’ Mr Farage said.

‘We are punished by putting things in the leaflets.

‘Lizzy happened to vote Ukip and was an ordinary voter in Devon now has a job working for me – so what?

‘The next time, we will have to use robots.’ Sexually explicit pictures of the woman has appeared online.

Mr Farage said this was subject to a police enquiry and related to an ex-partner of hers. He recently defended hiring his German wife as his secretary over a British worker, saying ‘nobody else could do that job’.