Ukip MEP says Brexit is 'no step into the unknown'

Ray Finch
Ray Finch
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AN MEP has said the government must achieve a 'real return of sovereignty' in negotiations to leave the European Union.

It comes as Theresa May has signed a letter triggering Article 50, the process to leave the EU.

Ray Finch Ukip South East MEP said: 'The outcome of Brexit must be a win/win.

'The British government must ensure that the negotiations result in real return of sovereignty.

'We voted for Brexit for control of migration, stronger borders, return of our fisheries to UK control and make our own laws.

'While we are in the EU we cannot kick out those who govern us. With the restoration of power to Westminster we, the people, regain that power.

This is not about enmity. It is about letting the other 27 states go ahead with their future as we shall with ours.

'We have always been the most reluctant member of the EU.

'Now we can direct our resources where we choose and if the government does not do that, we are free to choose another who will do what we tell them.

'This is no step into the unknown, we have been an independent country for over a thousand years. The last 40 were a step backwards. Now we can go forwards again.'