Ukip: Readers reaction

Portsmouth Lib Dem leader demands an apology as licensing row deepens

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READERS of The News have given their thoughts on Ukip after the anti-European Union party won its second seat in Parliament this week.

The party has since said that it aims to target Portsmouth and south Hampshire at the general election to add to that total.

The moment of truth for Ukip's Mark Reckless 6028a3ca-9d23-467c-8f68-3cdd8295

The moment of truth for Ukip's Mark Reckless 6028a3ca-9d23-467c-8f68-3cdd8295

(Video is by Sam Poole)

Here is the reaction of our readers:


Nicole Gildone, 18, Southsea:

I’m not one to support Ukip’s policies, I think that their policy to change the NHS and make it similar to the American health system is a bad idea. I certainly wouldn’t want a Ukip MP representing me in parliament.

Donna Forsyth, 54, Eastney:

I like Ukip and what they stand for. I’d be happy to have an MP representing me in Parliament as they are serious about supporting us before other people from across the EU.

Hannah Smith, 25, Southsea:

They are useless, if they were elected they would be terrible in government. There is no clear thinking, it’s all talk, no action. I am completely against the immigration policy.


Becki Miller, 27, Fareham

All the parties are very similar but Ukip are that step over the mark too far. Ukip are not a party who represent.

Sandra Connor, 43, Fareham

Fareham needs to have some young blood and spirit. Ukip are good. The local government are old-fashioned. We should get rid of Mark Hoban, he is too set in his ways. It’s time for a change.

Michael Dennett, 53, Fareham

I’m sat on the fence. Change is required. All Ukip represents is a change. It’s refreshing to see another party offering a different view. But they are too fixated on immigration. Immigration is not the real issue.


Jackie Bampton, 68, of Bedhampton

Ukip will do well in Havant. We needed a party to shake up our government and Labour. Ukip are giving them a run for their money. It’s only in them becoming more high-profile that the government have done something about immigration.

They have got to listen to what people want. They must listen.

But I feel sorry for the local councillors in Havant because do a fantastic job, but when it comes to elections people tend to judge them based on the government.

Mike Joines, 52, owner of Zoom Hairdressing, in Park Parade

Ukip will come to the fore. They have got a good chance of doing well here.


Janette Murphey, 73, Gosport

I like Ukip, I have always wanted us to come out of the EU. All the money is going over there when it could be helping people here. If they run I’m 90 per cent sure I’d vote for them.

Daniel Irving, 20, Gosport

I’d rather they didn’t win in Gosport. I quite like travelling so being in the EU make it a lot easier.

Frank Thorniley, 53, Bridgemary

The Tories stitched themselves up. Caroline Dinenage does care and she does do stuff for us but Ukip has the right thing. I like her and I voted for her but there’s not a lot coming out of her and it’s only at voting time that you hear anything.