Union fights plan for Portsmouth traffic wardens to pick up street litter

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Transport Minister Jesse Norman with Cllr Donna Jones and Cllr Simon Bosher at one of the council's electric vehicle charging points

Portsmouth to roll-out more charging points for electric cars

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A UNION official has hit out at the suggestion that traffic wardens should help clean up streets in Portsmouth.

Councillor Donna Jones, Tory leader of the city council, told The News she wants existing parking workers and community wardens to pick up litter and hand out fines to offenders.

But regional industrial organiser for Unite union, Ian Woodland, says that traffic wardens – also known as civil enforcement officers – have a specialist job.

‘Being a civil enforcement officer is a specialist job,’ Mr Woodland said.

‘They are there to uphold traffic regulations.

‘They are not litter pickers, it’s as simple as that.

‘I would like to see more of the details of this proposal, but it has not been put to us.

‘The civil enforcement officers are there to do a particular job, which is a specialist one, and that’s what we expect them to do.

‘Anything that involves amending their terms and conditions would mean the council having to talk to us.’

Cllr Gerald Vernon-Jackson, Lib Dem group leader, said the authority had the opportunity had the opportunity to hire an external litter enforcement firm – 3GS – at minimal cost to taxpayers.

As reported, the council’s Conservative cabinet threw out the idea as it feared the costs behind the scheme would rocket should people have refused to pay fines.