Up to 340 homes could be built on Waterlooville farmland

PLANS An artist's impression of the proposed development at Woodcroft Farm
PLANS An artist's impression of the proposed development at Woodcroft Farm
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CONTROVERSIAL plans to build a new housing estate on one of the last remaining green spaces in Waterlooville have sparked fears about extra traffic.

Development firm Grainger held a public consultation last night at the Acorn Community Centre, Wecock, to discuss their plans to build up to 340 houses on a site at Woodcroft Farm.

The site is between Lovedean and Wecock, and the main road into the estate would be off Eagle Road, in Wecock.

One of the main concerns expressed by the public was the traffic problems this single entrance would create.

Resident Roy Alker, 67, of Magpie Walk, Wecock, said: ‘Access is my biggest issue with the plan, and it has come up time and time again during this consultation. The fact that there would be only one entrance to the new houses would put a lot of pressure on the junction at Eagle Road. It’s already a really busy road and an extra 300 cars will make it very dangerous.’

Concerns with the quality of the houses and their materials, integrating the new community with the existing one, and a lack of play areas for teenagers and youths were also raised.

Havant borough councillor Gerald Shimbart, who attended the consultation, said: ‘No-one wants to build on greenfield land, but the reality is that we desperately need more houses.

‘You only have to look at the council housing waiting list to see that. As long as they are good quality and their design is fitting to the area then people will get used to them.’

This was the second of a string of public meetings about the development, and Grainger has vowed to take the public’s views on board.

John Beresford, the firm’s director of development, said: ‘What residents think of our development is very important to us. Their opinions will help shape the decisions we make.

‘Residents have played a key role in our developments in the past and we want that to be the case again.’

The houses will range from one to four-bedroom properties, with the majority being for families.

Around 30 per cent of the properties are set to be affordable housing – a mixture of social and shared equity – which will be scattered throughout the site.

Elsewhere, Grainger has secured planning permission to build 2,550 houses between Waterlooville and Denmeand, as part of its Newlands Development.

A detailed plan for the development at Woodcroft Farm will be submitted to Havant Borough Council in summer, after the consultations. The next public meeting is on Thursday, January 26 at 6pm the council offices.