UPDATED: Portsmouth’s Lord Mayor could be paid over £7,500 for carrying out role under new proposals

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THE city’s lord mayor and deputy could receive extra cash for carrying out their ceremonial roles.

Under new proposals, both Portsmouth’s Lord Mayor and Deputy Lord Mayor will have their special responsibilty allowance increased on top of their basic allowances as councillors.

An independent review panel made up of business leaders from across the city gave their approval on the pay boosts, which need signing off at next Tuesday’s full council meeting.

If agreed, the city’s Lord Mayor and Deputy Lord Mayor would receive £7,518 and £1,075 in special responsibilty allowance, this would be a yearly increase of £418 and £152 respectively.

The call was made given the dozens of appointments that the people in the roles undertake for the city.

If the Lord Mayor cannot make an appointment, the Deputy Lord Mayor fills in.

All city councillors receive a basic annual allowance of £10,740 with further allowances allocated to senior positions, such as towards the leader, a cabinet member, opposition leader and other group leaders.

The current Lord Mayor is Councillor Ken Ellcome.

NOTE: This article previously did not make clear that the new special responsibility allowances would replace existing allowances already received by both roles. The News wishes to clarify that this was an oversight and the article has been amended.