VIDEO: Moment Portsmouth councillor was accused of secretly filming Mike Hancock victim

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This is the video used in a complaint against a councillor for secretly filming former Portsmouth MP Mike Hancock’s victim in a council meeting.

Now Margaret Foster is set to be censured after videoing the woman, who has lifetime anonymity, during the meeting last year.

Councillor Margaret Foster

Councillor Margaret Foster

A standards sub-committee at Portsmouth City Council agreed Cllr Foster had been ‘disrespectful’ to woman and has ordered her to give a full formal apology.

In a statement the victim said: ‘I felt awful at that council meeting. They filmed me and were pointing up at me, sneering.’

She added: ‘Being there was like being in a really bad dream and I was very scared.’

Southsea resident Paul Hartley, who complained about Liberal Democrat Cllr Foster’s actions on behalf of the woman, shot the footage from the public gallery at Portsmouth Guildhall.

She was subjected to Mr Hancock’s advances and the former MP and Fratton ward member admitted forging an inappropriate relationship with the constituent.

The scandal cost him the Liberal Democrat party whip and eventually his seats in the council and the House of Commons.

After the standards sub-committed made its decision last week Mr Hartley said: ‘That this unnecessarily protracted episode has been to the detriment of [the victim’s] mental health is not in question.’

He added: ‘Whilst delighted with the outcome and the further vindication of [the victim] I am concerned that so much time, effort and money were expended to reach a verdict that was always glaringly obvious.’

A Portsmouth City Council spokeswoman confirmed the committee found Cllr Foster in breach of the code.

She must now give a full and formal apology to the woman, who can decide whether this will be in person or written.

Cllr Foster is to undergo training on electronic media.

She did not reply to The News.