Video: Shirtless man confronts Grant Shapps and Flick Drummond

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HE has had a tough time in the run-up to the election – and Tory party chairman Grant Shapps did not have the easiest of experiences in Portsmouth either.

Mr Shapps made a quick exit yesterday after being accosted by a shirtless man in Southsea’s Palmerston Road during a visit to show his support for parliamentary candidate Flick Drummond.

Flick Drummond talking to Andy Storey (31) from Southsea.''Picture: Sarah Standing (150757-5392)

Flick Drummond talking to Andy Storey (31) from Southsea.''Picture: Sarah Standing (150757-5392)

Mrs Drummond was left to fend for herself after the angry constituent, Andy Storey of Southsea, started to question her on the purpose of voting but handled his questions well, bringing up her plan to create jobs, boost apprenticeships and improve education in the city.

She said: ‘I am happy to talk to anyone. To me everyone is an individual and has their own views, and I am happy to put my views over as I am happy to listen to theirs. It’s always good to be challenged.’

Mr Shapps was in the news recently after claiming that he did not have a second job while being an MP.

He admitted in March that he had been involved in conducting business while in Parliament while using the pseudonym Michael Green.

When asked about the controversy he told The News: ‘It’s a very old story. 10 years ago I wrote occasionally with a pen name.

‘It’s election time and Labour are stirring this endlessly with their friends in the press. It’s an old story.’

Mr Shapps said was glad to be back in Portsmouth, after previously visiting the city during an uncertain time.

‘I remember last time I was down here was after there was some difficult news about the future of shipbuilding but now there’s a proper long term future which is fantastic news so it’s lovely to have that contrast when being here again,’ he said.

The street stall in Southsea was set up as part of Mrs Drummond’s election campaign and saw several constituents come down to chat to the parliamentary hopeful and party chairman.

‘The campaign is going really well,’ she said.

‘It’s very positive, I’m running a positive campaign.’