Wardens are on the way to patrol streets

Car parked on double yellow lines, Fareham
Car parked on double yellow lines, Fareham

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TRAFFIC wardens will be returning to police on-street parking in Gosport.

Gosport Borough Council has struck a deal with Hampshire Constabulary over the reintroduction of street parking patrols.

Many of the town’s roads have one-hour parking restrictions but these are currently not enforced.

Councillor Mark Hook, the council leader, hopes a traffic warden will put an end to the abuse of parking spaces in Gosport’s shopping areas.

He said: ‘I’m delighted to be able to say that we will have a full-time traffic warden thanks to the backing of Hampshire County Council.

‘It’s one of those areas where we have received an enormous amount of complaints and it does need to be sorted out.

‘So I’m pleased that is moving on. It’s difficult to say exactly when but we are moving as fast as we possibly can.’

Parking restrictions in the town’s off-street car parks are already looked after by the council.

Gosport’s council, Hampshire County Council and the police were looking at ways to bring back patrols for cars on the street.

One option was for the council to take over the running of on-street parking but this would be costly and could spiral into hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Instead, Hampshire police will employ a traffic warden and the role will be funded by Hampshire and Gosport councils.

Peter Patterson, who owns a greengrocers in Lee-on-the-Solent’s High Street, has welcomed the move.

‘My reaction to this is nothing but supportive,’ he said.

‘The sooner the better.

‘There is blatant abuse of the restrictions on parking and it is not fair on customers.

‘We want to encourage as many people as we can to visit Lee and when you get cars parking in the street all day it puts them off.’