‘Wardens need to be seen during match days’

A traffic warden on duty
A traffic warden on duty
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TRAFFIC wardens should be seen on match days near Fratton Park, residents have said.

Following the reveal that the city council instructs its officers to avoid resident parking zones, The News spoke to those who live along the afflicted streets.

Andrew Leibrick, 57, of Newcome Road said: ‘The parking situation is not good at all. I have a strong belief that they should scrap the permit system because it is not working at all.

‘There are cars parking down this road 24-hours-a-day and they get away with it.

‘You very, very rarely see a warden on a match day and that is the day we should really see them.’

James Willis, 26, also of Newcome Road, said: ‘The parking on match days is terrible. It should be a one-hour parking zone to stop all of this. It is not right when all the residents down this road have to pay for every permit.

‘On Saturday mornings, I’ll see if it is a match day and if it is, I tend to leave my car outside the house or I would have to park three or four roads away [due to the football parking].’