Web broadcast plans for Hampshire County Council meetings

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WEB surfers may be able to watch council meetings online, under new plans which could come into place in January.

Hampshire County Council is considering a £220,000 scheme to replace the current, outdated, speaker system at its Winchester County Chamber with a new digital system.

The new system would enable live streaming of council meetings to the web, as well as recording it for viewing after meetings finish.

Councillor Ken Thornber, the council’s leader, said: ‘If members of the public can view footage of Parliamentary debates, they should be able to do the same with their local council meetings. As Hampshire is a very large and mainly rural county, it’s not always easy for residents to attend these meetings and see for themselves how local members are representing their views and interests. What’s more, full council meetings take place during the day which can limit the number of people that may wish to attend.’

The cash for the scheme would be found from underspends elsewhere in the budget.

If the proposals are successful, the system would be in place from January.