Welborne hailed for saving green space in Fareham

An artist's impression of proposed town Welborne
An artist's impression of proposed town Welborne
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NEW town Welborne has saved Fareham from dozens of contentious planning applications, according to the council leader.

The overall plan for development sites in Fareham, with exception of new 6,000-home town Welborne, was the subject of a planning inquiry in November.

Independent inspector David Hogger has written to the council with 34 changes he wants to see made before he allows it to go ahead.

These are due to be discussed at a special council meeting on Tuesday, but Councillor Woodward said he sees this as a good sign.

He said: ‘This proves that Welborne will save the borough.

‘The inspector has rejected every site that has been put through around Fareham, which have challenged every bit of green space. This include dozens of sites around Fareham that were put forward for building on.

‘The people that keep saying that Welborne is not the answer, well this just proves that it is as it will save all these countryside gaps.’

The plan for Welborne, planned for fields north of Fareham, was also the subject of a planning inquiry and its changes are currently out for public consultation.

The overall plan for Fareham includes dozens of sites where planning permission has already been granted such as 110 homes at Fareham College, 55 homes behind Tesco in Quay Street and 204 at the former Coldeast Hospital, in Sarisbury Green.

It also incudes 139 sites of less than five homes.

As it does not include sites such as the plan for 1,550 homes on the strategic gap between Fareham and Stubbington and 119 homes in Cranleigh Road, plus more, this gives the council the right to refuse them.

Leader of the opposition Paul Whittle disagreed.

He said: ‘There is no guarantee that Welborne proposals will be found sound and there is no certainty that the Fareham sites plan can protect other locations.

‘The only thing Fareham needs saving from is Welborne which has the potential to ruin a popular historic market town.’

Community groups, such as the Fareham Society and the Wallington Village Community Association, which have opposed Welborne since the beginning, said they would be taking an interest in Tuesday’s meeting, which is taking place at 6pm.